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Our mission is to shape the future of world and protect humanity by empowering people through connection, organized global knowledge and collaboration.

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Our disruptive innovations can produce meaningful changes in peoples' lives and we believe the greatest impact will happen when they become accessible to everyone.
We are all about connecting our members to relevant news, knowledge, products, and services. Our publishing platform is central to this strategy. It helps to interact and transact with one another and to express their needs, wants and values, online.
To revolutionize navigating medical records, medical transcription and search, Bitdle Plus uses AI and voice recognition to automate documenting, analysis, and searching clinical information about patients.

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A truly global platform with diverse human resources

Every employee at Bitdle continues taking on new challenges to ensure creativity and maximize productivity

Explore our stories

Our History

Navigating the right sea

Our brand story is unique. Here's who we are and why we do what we do.

Its founder Abhimanyu began the journey quite early as he forayed into programming early on in his career. Although he chose to major in psychology, he was always passionate about IT which saw him lecturing his juniors about the marvels of computer technology while at college.
While psychology seems an odd pairing with technology, one must be aware that being able to bring forth revolutionary technology that can change lives at a scale, involves in-depth knowledge about the human mind and the inner workings of society. His childhood visions of empowering humanity and promoting sustainability gradually transformed him into a humanist thinker. In this path, he founded FPI in 2008, and this is where the origins of Bitdle lie, as he needed a financial engine to power his humanitarian and ecological plans.

Abhimanyu sees collective humanity as a singular being which currently, needs a new direction, given the great challenges it is facing now. He firmly believes that technology can address social, economical, and environmental issues if used innovatively, and thoughtfully.

In 2013, as Abhmanyu continued his career as a social activist, he met entrepreneur and insurance consultant Shaji AV - a meeting that saw them disagreeing on nearly everything but indeed laid the foundation for a wonderful future. By the following year, they struck a partnership with FPI and with the help of a few technologists, started work on a virtual platform in 2014. We called it Indodial, or otherwise famously known as NorthStar.

However, repeated failures in developing a viable solution caused many associates to abandon the project. But Abhimanyu wasn't one to let go. He put together a new team and continued his work. This time too, he faced a few misfortunes until in 2018, the project was finished and Indodial was reborn as Bitdle.

In the same year, Abhimanyu and Shaji established Bitdle in a small office with big mandates. Understanding this as a right opportunity for admirable growth, Abhimanyu engaged in serious research and discussions with experts to determine a developmental framework to achieve Bitdle’s overarching corporate mission.

This was a transcendental stage and the name Bitdle played a great role in expressing our brand nature and aptly reflected our mission 'to shape the future of world and protect humanity by empowering people through connection, organized global knowledge and collaboration. Because it means - 'Light of Knowledge!'

A year later, Bitdle not only caught the attention of the community, but of investors as well. By April 2019, veteran businessman Sunil Kumar wrote a check for INR 10,00,000 and he was able to secure two million in investment. With this, he filled the gaps in the team and upgraded infrastructure. In the days that followed, the company embarked on a path of rapid expansion - hiring engineers, building a sales team and introducing the first projects. Bitdle outgrew its single room and eventually moved to its headquarters in smart city, Kochi.

A relentless search for better answers continues to be at the core of everything we do. Even our logo tells the same kind of story to you.

The first objective of Bitdle is to improve the life of people and empower communities through connection and collaborative efforts.

We’ve seen many developments, some less favourable than others. But we’ve also achieved many goals and hit milestones.

Bitdle has put in place a long term business plan that will serve as a roadmap to give it an independent future. We aim to build Bitdle as an independent entity which empowers life through business activities and helps to solve social issues. We would like to generate revenue to build better solutions. We commit to ensuring the promotion of an economically, socially and environmentally sustainable future for our planet and for present and future generations. We define this initiative as the one world of humanity!

We are now poised to launch our first stage of growth. Although our operating income target for FY 2025 $60 billion seems soaring, we remain confident that it is well within our reach, based on projections. In order to achieve this target, we plan to work diligently to strengthen our financial and operating position by creating new products and next generation businesses.

As a realization of Abhimanyu's dreams, Bitdle users are now able to engage in instant interaction in a sophisticated virtual environment. We also created Bitdle Messenger and Bitdle Timeline as a standalone app.

A more positive development has been going on at the Bitdle labs as well with plans to diversify our offerings to include and integrate IoT, Wearable technology, AI, AR, VR, Blockchain and other disruptive technologies. Whether we're creating new products or helping small businesses expand their reach, we at Bitdle are builders at heart. Our teams are constantly iterating, solving problems, and working together to empower people around the world to build communities and connect them.

In every sense, our business model encapsulates and documents our commitment to sustainable development. We are on our way to work toward the realization of our Future Vision for world and in support of partnerships and programs that protect the environment, such as the U.N. Sustainable Development Goals.

Today, with our employees, Bitdle is making numerous products for people across the globe, from Social Networking to AI to Smart Devices. At this exciting juncture, when we are on the threshold of an elite segment in the industry. With all our commitment to hard work, desire for innovation, and an ambition to be the best, the future belongs to us. We are committed to ensuring the promotion of an economically, socially, and environmentally sustainable future for our planet and for present and future generations.

Our mission is not only business for us, but a dream that we have dared to share and we appeal to every supporting agency and stakeholder out there to work together to make this dream a reality to protect humanity - our ultimate aim.

Our Commitment

Commitment unlocks the doors of imagination, allows vision, and gives us the right stuff to turn our dream into reality.

Protecting users

Keeping our users safe online with industry-defining tools, features, and principles.

Expanding opportunity

We are investing in communities, individuals, and local economies by preparing them for the opportunities of today — and tomorrow.

Including all voices

Building a world where progress, equitable outcomes, diversity, and inclusion can be realities both inside and outside our workplace.

Responding to crises

Helping those affected by crises through our products, people, and partners.

Advancing sustainability

We are raising the bar in making smart use of resources, exercising the highest ethical standards throughout our supply chain, and creating products with people and the planet in mind.

Our People and Brand Culture

Our People and Brand culture

People are at the heart of businesses and our people bring our brand to life every day. Our culture is composed of a set of shared beliefs and values which bind us together as one, across all societies and territories we serve.



Founder, Chairman & CEO

Abhimanyu is the founder, chairman and CEO of Bitdle, which he founded in 2018. He is responsible for setting the company's overall direction and product strategy. He also serves as a Chairman in FPI, a humanitarian organization focused on sustainable development. Abhimanyu holds an M.Phil in Psychology.

Shaji. A.V


As a director, Shaji oversees the firm’s data protection protocols and processes. Prior joining Bitdle in March 2018, Shaji served as Indodial's core team member. He also serves as Managing Director at World Safari, a firm focused on travel and insurance, which he joined in 2014. Shaji holds an Msc in Counselling and Psychotherapy, and an MBA.

Sunil Kumar. N


Sunil Kumar is a director at Bitdle, where he oversees training and leadership development. Prior to Bitdle, he is a renowned entrepreneur and investor.

Board of Directors

Abhimanyu. S

Founder, Chairman and CEO, Bitdle, FPI

Shaji. A.V

Director and DPO, Bitdle, World Safari

Sunilkumar. N

Director. Bitdle

Pushpakumari. R

Director, Bitdle